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Streamlining Treatment Plans WIth 3D Cone Beam Imaging

Streamlining Treatment Plans With 3D Cone Beam Imaging

We all know as Dental Healthcare providers, it is important to be able to provide innovative care to meets the needs of our patients. The use of the cone beam CT imaging can achieve this result. The GALILEOS 3D cone beam imaging system gives the provider a beautiful clear picture and cross-sectional views much better than a panoramic x-ray can.
By using this specialized technology in the dental setting, a provider has the ability to educate, treatment plan, case present and treat patients. Also using the GALILEOS, we are able to provide the patient with a visual representation of their treatment, allowing for treatment planning and diagnosing in one simple visit.
When utilizing the GALILEOS and CEREC together allows the provider to properly scan the patient , plan the implant, and formulate a implant surgical guide all in one visit. Using this two technologies hand in hand allows for an increase in case acceptance.

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