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Meet Dr. Yolani Edirisinghe

High Clinical Achievement Recepient of Tufts Dental School-2003

Dr. Edirisinghe understands your needs. Educated in dentistry—receiving awards while she did so—as well as being trained in child psychology and development, working as an assistant speech pathologist, and just being a dedicated, life-long learner, you can count on her to look after you beyond and above your dental issues to bring out your confident smile.

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Introducing family dentistry of milford, llc

Top-notch, comprehensive dental services and excellent patient care? It’s possible to have both!

At our family dental office, led by Dr. Edirisinghe, we do not only guarantee excellence,but we also work to transform that dread you usually feel going to your dental appointment into comfort and reassurance, so all you will think about is how you’re one step closer to achieving that healthy, gorgeous smile. Let us help you transform your experience with the solutions you need and a dental family that truly cares.

We offer everything from general dentistry to teledentistry for your convenience. See your options here. [ View More Services ]

in-house dental membership

Below are our dental membership plans for patients who do not have dental insurance:

-$30/month per year includes 2 times Periodic Exam and Cleaning (Prophy), X-Rays, and 1-Time Emergency Visit.

-$40/month per year includes 3 times Periodic Exam and Cleaning (Prophy), X-Rays, and 1-Time Emergency Visit.

Call us to learn more about our in-house membership plans.
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