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Did you know that only 50% visit a dentist regularly? There are various reasons–costs, lack of insurance, inaccessibility, fear, and even the hunch that the follow-up treatments and medications will never end. As such, a service that bridges contact between patients and dentists that addresses some common fears and is convenient is not only important, it is necessary.

Family Dentistry of Milford LLC recognizes the need for such a service. This is why, we offer teledentistry to our patients who are unable to come to our Milford practice for various reasons such as being in remote areas and/or having mobility issues.

But, first, What is Teledentistry?
Teledentistry is the use of information technology and telecommunications to supplement, further, or completely replace some dental care practice. These may include consultation, advice, education, public awareness, and virtually every part of the practice that can forego in-person contact between patients and dentists.

At the Milford practice of Dr. Edirisinghe, we are now utilizing teledentistry for the following procedures:

  • Assessment

    Teledentistry enables assessment through theuse of photos and videos taken by the patients themselves or through the existing records of the patients taken in person in our clinic at an earlier date.

  • Prescription

    Teledentistry enables prescribing through the remote use of prescriptions so patients can have access to their medications without having to visit us or going to their doctor.

  • Supervision

    Teledentistry enables supervisionat very little cost but with real-time monitoring benefits to the patient.

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When you choose teledentistry, you are choosing convenience. And with the trusted professionals of Family Dentistry of Milford LLC, it’s guaranteed excellent service. Ready for a hassle-free dental experience? Talk to one of our professionals today!